Insurance for Residents of Cedar Lake, IN

Beautiful small-town Cedar Lake is located in Lake County just west of the Illinois-Indiana border. Named after the nearly 800-acre lake at its center, Cedar Lake boasts a charming community feel, convenient access to Chicago and countless area staples. From the Museum at Lassen’s Resort to Bugaboo Bar and Grill, residents love calling Cedar Lake home. That’s why La Porte Insurance Agency is dedicated to insuring their homes, vehicles, businesses and more. 

Boat Insurance and More for a Lake Town

While Cedar Lake began as a resort town, it is now home to more than 11,000 residents. It has become a quiet residential community that attracts many visitors each summer. Because of its appeal and charm, many businesses have flourished in Cedar Lake. Many residents also enjoy warm summers boating on Cedar Lake or exploring the wetlands south of the lake.

insurance for cedar lake

An Agency That Goes Beyond Selling

La Porte Insurance Agency is not here to sell you. We’re a part of the northwest Indiana community and take pride in helping our customers and neighbors. That’s why we offer comprehensive insurance plans and policies, customizable to your and your family’s needs. Our insurance coverage includes:

  • Auto insurance. Get back on the road with premier car insurance! Your policy price and coverage will vary depending on your history, vehicle use and other factors. 
  • Life insurance. Protect yourself and your family in the event of your passing. Ensure your family has the funds they need to continue after you pass. 
  • Farm insurance. Whether you’re a fourth-generation farmer or new to the farming industry, we have you covered with machinery coverage and crop insurance
  • Business insurance. If you have a business on the lake or if your business is elsewhere in Lake County, La Porte Insurance Agency has the crucial protection your business needs. We also provide workers’ compensation and other employee benefits to keep your workforce solid and productive!  

Talk to an Agent Today

Our agents aren’t salespeople; they’re your neighbors. So send us a message today, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Our team will work with you to find the best policies and pricing for your unique insurance needs.