White County

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White County is located in the north-central region of Indiana. The most notable town in the county is Monticello, IN, home to Indiana Beach Boardwalk Resort. Other communities in White County include Chalmers, Buffalo, and Monon. The population was about 25,000 people as of the 2020 census. White County is traversed by the Tippecanoe River and several smaller streams. There are several lakes in the county, including Lake Shafer and Buffalo Lake. Recreation opportunities abound in White County, with fishing, boating, camping, and hiking available at various locations throughout the county.

insurance in white county

With such regular activity and so many involved residents and business owners in the area, the population of White County looks to La Porte Insurance Agency and Hague Insurance Agency to protect their assets.

Why do I need crop insurance?

La Porte Insurance Agency provides both property and liability coverage options for any business, including but not limited to restaurants, retail stores, contractors and many more. As all business owners know, business insurance protects your business from a variety of risks, providing protection for financial assets, all property, both physical and intellectual, employees and vehicles. 

The La Porte County business insurance coverage provided by La Porte Insurance Agency protects business owners in La Porte, Michigan City, Westville, Kingsford Heights and the surrounding towns and townships throughout La Porte County. 

Find our La Porte office at 504 Pine Lake Avenue, and call us at (219) 324-2600 to speak to one of our dedicated insurance agents.

Enjoy the Rivers & Lakes of White County, IN Safely

Watercraft are used very regularly in White County because of how accessible lakes and waterways are to residents and visitors. Boat insurance is a must-have if you want to keep your vessels protected. 

Coverage options vary, but typically include liability coverage, physical damage coverage, medical payments coverage, and uninsured boater coverage. Liability coverage protects the boat owner from lawsuits if someone is injured or their property is damaged while on the boat. 

Physical damage coverage pays to repair or replace the boat if it is damaged or lost. Medical payments coverage pays for medical expenses incurred by passengers injured while on the boat. And uninsured boater coverage provides protection if the boat is damaged or lost due to an accident with another vessel that does not have insurance.

Trust Our Team of Experienced Agents

Since 1930, La Porte Insurance Agency and Hague Insurance Agency have been guiding our clients through complicated insurance processes. 

We dedicate our time to finding the perfect protection plan for you and your family in many different areas of insurance. 

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