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Auto Insurance For Your Car

Whether you drive a sports car or an old pickup truck, it’s likely that the law requires you to purchase auto insurance. But there are many options over and above your state’s mandated minimum insurance. Buying additional coverage could save you money on repair bills or cover a judgment against you in the event of a lawsuit.

Understanding the types of coverage and their benefits may help you decide what sort of package you need for your own auto policy. And it could also help you compare the offerings of competing insurance carriers. The cost of your insurance will depend on the types and levels of coverage that you select, your age and driving history, and a host of other factors. We have policies that can cover Uber, Lift and Door Dash. 

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Auto insurance covers you and the other family members on your policy whether you’re driving your car or someone else’s with their permission. Your policy also provides coverage if someone who isn’t on your policy is driving your car with your permission. 

Your personal policy covers personal driving (things like driving to and from work, driving to and from activities, running errands, or taking a road trip). It does NOT provide coverage if you’re using your car for any sort of commercial purposes like delivering food or groceries – but don’t worry. We offer policies for those occasions too!

  • Liability – your legal responsibility to others if there is property damage or bodily injury
  • Medical – the cost of treating injuries, rehabilitation, and even lost wages or other expenses
  • Property – damage to or theft of your vehicle

Buying additional coverage upfront could save you money on repair bills, cover a judgement against you in the event of a lawsuit, and give you peace of mind. Understanding the types of coverage and their benefits may help you decide what sort of package you will need. At La Porte Insurance Agency, we’ve got a century of experience to help you break down the options that are best for your individual situation. 

  • Locksmith Coverage – If keys are accidentally locked inside your vehicle, we’ll cover locksmith fees.
  • Personal Item Coverage – We’ll help cover losses of personal belongings that are in the car such as clothing or luggage.
  • Roadside Coverage – In the event of a roadside emergency, we offer individual AAA memberships and insurance, and many of our carriers have roadside assistance policies available.
  • Ridesharing – Extra coverage may be available on your auto policy for some food, grocery, and ride sharing ventures with specific carriers.
  • And so much more.

How can I know I’m protected?

The best way to ensure that you and your assets are adequately covered in the event of an automobile accident is to work with a trusted, experienced agent. Call us today at 219.324.2600 to discuss your auto insurance needs.