HVAC Contractor Insurance

When you work as an HVAC contractor, you need reliable contractor insurance to protect you, your tools and vehicles, and your employees or business property. La Porte Insurance Agency offers a range of contractor insurance options for HVAC contractors throughout Northwest Indiana. Rest assured that you’ll be covered when you enter people’s homes to work on their HVAC systems with HVAC contractor insurance coverage from the agents at La Porte Insurance Agency. 

HVAC Professional General Liability Coverage

General liability coverage protects HVAC contractors by covering medical bills, legal fees, and repair costs that can incur while working on clients’ homes. General liability coverage also includes E&O (errors and omissions insurance), sometimes referred to as professional liability. 

This type of coverage protects you should you make a mistake that causes someone else to lose money. E&O insurance can protect you should you have to defend yourself from professional negligence, whether actual or alleged, and can help cover costs from a business disagreement.

Professional fixing HVAC system - HVAC contractor insurance

For additional coverage, you can bundle general liability coverage with commercial property insurance for a business owners’ policy (BOP). Discuss your coverage needs with the professionals at La Porte Insurance Agency to find the appropriate HVAC contractor insurance for you. 

General Liability Business Insurance As An HVAC Contractor

Why Do I Need General Liability Business Insurance As An HVAC Contractor?

General liability business insurance protects HVAC contractors in the cases of:

Property damage

If you accidentally damage someone’s siding while installing a new air conditioning unit, general liability coverage would help pay for repairs or replacement.

Professional mistakes

Should a client accuse you of damaging their siding or installing an air conditioning unit in the wrong window, E&O coverage helps you defend yourself.

Damage to or injuries from work vehicles

Contractors with business-owned vehicles must have commercial auto coverage. This can pay for repairs should the windshield be damaged or a tire punctured.

Injuries from accidents

If a homeowner or neighbor trips over your tools outside your work vehicle on a job site, your general liability coverage could pay for medical costs or legal fees. 

Injuries at the workplace

Imagine one of your employees gets cut while installing or repairing a furnace and needs stitches. Workers’ compensation coverage helps to cover medical bills and lost wages, and it’s typically required by law if you have employees.

Theft of or damage to tools

You can add tools and equipment insurance to your general liability coverage to help pay for replacements should any tools, equipment, or uniforms be damaged or stolen from your work sites or vehicles.

To properly protect yourself and your HVAC contracting business, reach out to La Porte Insurance Agency today for the insurance coverage that’s right for you. 219-324-2600