Workers’ Compensation

Employee Benefits

As a business owner, workers’ compensation insurance provides several benefits for your employees in the case that they were to suffer from work-related injuries or illnesses and assists them in getting back to work faster. Workers’ compensation or “workers’ comp” is an attractive coverage plan to have as an employer from a hiring perspective.
If something unfortunate were to happen that was caused by the company or the work, your employees may earn benefits that help to

  • Cover the cost of medical care and medical treatment plans
  • Restore the loss of income that may occur due to being unable to work for a period of time
  • Recompense death costs, such as funeral expenses, if they were to lose their life in a work accident or a work-related sickness
  • Provide disability benefits

Not only do employees benefit from having access to worker’s compensation but their families do as well. If a covered employee’s family was looking to sue the company for a work-related injury, death, or illness, workers’ compensation will typically cover the legal fees. It also provides a deceased worker’s family with financial supplements.

Employee in warehouse - workers' compensation

Small Business Advantages

In addition to the countless advantages that employees receive with the coverage of workers’ compensation, the small business owner benefits quite a bit as well. Liability insurance coverage is included, so if a business is facing lawsuits from injured workers or their families, insurance covers the legal costs of the company. Of course every business owner attempts to create the safest work environment possible, but accidents can happen no matter what precautions are taken. It’s best to be insured by a reliable agency like La Porte Insurance Agency.

Stay Protected in the Workplace With La Porte Insurance

Being insured by La Porte Insurance Agency means that your company and your employees can feel secure in knowing that everyone will be covered in the event of an accident. Gain peace of mind by knowing that we’ve got your back. Call us today at (219) 324-2600 to get in touch with an agent.